Advanced Workshops in Screenwriting and Writing for Television

Advanced Workshops

If you have met the requirements to enroll in an advanced workshop, you must email the Professional Programs office at to enroll. 

We announce our advanced workshops about six weeks before each quarter begins here on this page and on our private alumni page. Enrollment is first-come, first-served.

Students who successfully complete three Advanced Workshops in Screenwriting or Writing for Television receive a certificate of completion. Workshops do not have to be taken consecutively in order to receive the certificate.

All advanced workshops take place online.


Fall 2023 Schedule



When: Wednesdays, on Zoom, 6pm to 9pm Pacific Time, beginning October 18, 2023.

Tuition: $1750

Instructor: Hugh Sterbakov

Hugh has sold television and feature scripts to cool places including Disney, Paramount, Fox, SyFy and Freeform, and developed projects with awesome people like Seth Green, Mila Kunis, Donald De Line, Gale Anne Hurd, Ben Stiller and the Midnight Radio team of Scott Rosenberg, Andre Nemec, Jeff Pinkner and Josh Applebaum. He created, wrote and executive produced Transylvania, a pilot for CBS Television Studios and the CW, which was produced but didn’t go to series. His therapist says he’ll get over that someday (but she’s lying). He also co-created and wrote the critically acclaimed comic book Freshmen, authored the novel City Under the Moon, and has two Emmy nominations and an Annie Award for Robot Chicken. He’s currently writing Lucid, a tech thriller for Warner Bros. and Blumhouse with Ashton Kutcher slated to direct, as well as a sequel to his novel because his 12-year-old daughter demands it. He’s also the creator of a multimedia project in development called Armored Kingdom. He couldn’t justify buying a PlayStation if he didn’t go to college, so he has an MFA in screenwriting from UCLA. And he needed a PS5, so he’s currently teaching in their Professional Program in Theater, Film and Television. * Last anyone heard, he’s still alive…trapped in his house with his wife, two daughters, mother-in-law and an assortment of dogs. But the writing is on the wall. And it spells REDRUM. * Just like the Fresh Prince, Hugh was born and raised in West Philadelphia. But that guy is a huge movie star, and Hugh was named one of the Chicago Tribune’s Hottest Geek Guys of 2013. So… call it a draw?

Rules for participation in this worksop:

This ten-week workshop will be a mix of screenwriters and TV writers.

All genres are welcome this quarter.

Students who previously completed the Professional Program in Screenwriting may either rewrite a feature screenplay they have already completed, or write an entirely new feature screenplay within the ten-week quarter. (They cannot write TV scripts in this workshop.)

Students who previously completed the Professional Program in Writing for Television may either rewrite an original TV pilot they have already completed, or write an entirely new TV pilot within the ten-week quarter. (They cannot write feature screenplays in this workshop.)

Please note: Advanced workshops in Screenwriting and Writing for Television are only available to students who have successfully completed the Professional Program in Screenwriting or Writing for Television.

This workshop is limited to ten students.


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