Alumni Testimonials


Renee Buck – Screenwriting, Writing for Television

People in the industry know and respect the UCLA Professional Programs because of the consistently high writing quality of its graduates. My first instructor told our class that by virtue of participation in the program, we would jump to the top 10% of new writers in contest placement—a primary means of getting noticed and ultimately produced. In my experience, she’s been proven right. My scripts have placed consistently in the industry’s top contests. My network is expanding, conversations are happening, energy is building. I have no doubt my time and investment in these programs will pay off many times over.

Matthew Marposon – Acting for the Camera

UCLA’s Professional Program in Acting for the Camera provided me with a focus that allowed me to trust in myself, as well as trust the guidance of over 90 industry professionals who took the time to really work with us. Having worked in the film industry from both sides of the camera, I can confidently say that this program gives you the experiences that will prepare you for professional work. Since my time in the program, I have channeled my focus and booked at least one role or gig a month, and written and created new works of my own.

Lakpathy Wijesekara – Producing and Monetizing Your Digital Series

The Producing and Monetizing Your Digital Series workshop offered by UCLA Professional Programs was very unique, informative and practical. The key lesson this class taught us was that our creativity should transgress the boundaries of the technical sophistication of equipment. We realized the importance of capitalizing on whatever we have, without relying on heavy equipment. This short yet very practical course inspired me to launch “Rydeshare Chronicles”, a web series based on Uber/Lyft stories. This series, shot with a simple mobile phone camera could attract a couple of thousand views within hours. Feeling grateful to the UCLA Professional Programs.

Luna Racy – Acting for the Camera

All the way from Brazil straight to UCLA, the Professional Program in Acting for the Camera couldn’t have been a better decision for my career. In my 10 year long career as an actress, I’ve never seen a more complete program like this. Built with an incredible team of teachers, I learned every aspect of acting professionally: from the first steps of auditioning, to breaking down the script, building character, to the first day on set. And it doesn’t stop there. The program deals with writing cinematic content, its structure and methods, guiding you to the moment when you pitch your work to potential producers. I highly recommend the program for anyone who wants to understand how the film industry works, what your job as an actor entails, and what you have to do to get there.

Bianca Moga Lapuste – Screenwriting

When I joined The Professional Program in Screenwriting I knew almost nothing about scripts. But I had amazing teachers that not only showed us how a good script should look, but they also made us see our passion as a realistic career. I gained experience and also great colleagues. It feels good to bring some American insights to my small but very beautiful country, Romania.

Christopher Clemente – Screenwriting (Online)

UCLA’s Professional Screenwriting Program is hands down the best online screenwriting course out there. The small classroom setting makes it easy to have a one-on-one relationship with instructors, and the structure guarantees results. I walked into the course with a broad understanding of the craft, and left with two first drafts. Now I have the knowledge to commit to a schedule and build my writing career. Thank you UCLA!

Jonathan Ocker – Screenwriting (Online)

Back in the 1990s, I had dreamed of pursuing an MFA in Screenwriting from UCLA. But then “real life” happened — work, relationships, procrastination, etc. Fast forward 20+ years later and I was given a second chance thanks to the UCLA Professional Program in Screenwriting! Access to the UCLA TFT faculty combined with talented classmates provided me with an unforgettable experience that made me a better writer.

Nada Djordjevich – Screenwriting

I traveled to participate in the program and found it invaluable for providing me with discipline, focus, and structure, to complete my writing goals, while still working full time. I had previously participated in workshops and taught creative writing, and I found the level of instruction in the Professional Program in Screenwriting to be outstanding. The instructors were open to writers of multiple genres, and knowledgeable about film. One of the screenplays I wrote during that time placed in two prestigious competitions and the other is being reworked into a short film, scheduled for production.  

Marc Krein – Screenwriting (Online)

After eyeing the UCLA TFT Professional Program in Screenwriting  for years, a California broadcast colleague flat out barked: “Quit talking about it and enroll! No brainer.” Currently landlocked in Missouri, I had reservations about the effectiveness of an online course and the cost. From the first week, I knew this was a quality investment. The program is well structured, the interaction is solid, and I feel welcomed as a fellow UCLA screenwriter. The dream of inking a deal serves as my compass, but I love to write and plan to implement the techniques learned through this program. Write onward.

Roy Zafrani – Screenwriting

Attending UCLA’s Professional Program in Screenwriting was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The classes and the entire experience were divine.The professors challenged us to become more precise, to give attention to the smallest details in our story and tell it in the most unique and clever way. Both the professors and the peers were kind, respectful and always encouraging. I’m grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the Professional Program in Screenwriting, and I know I’ve become a fully-fledged writer and gained much confidence as a storyteller.

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