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Course Dates

September 28, 2020 through June 4, 2021



Class Size

Workshops are limited to 16 students

Application Deadline

August 17, 2020

Please note that admission for this program is on a rolling basis. The program may be full by the application deadline. We recommend that you apply early.

LATE Applications

It is possible that late applications may be considered after the posted deadlines, but only if a spot is still available in the program. Please email us at for permission to submit an application after the posted deadlines. Do not submit a late application without emailing us first.


The Professional Program in Acting for the Camera features a selection process based on supporting application materials as well as a live callback.

Applicants must be at least 21 years old by the start of the program.

Please note that this program is limited to 16 students per year. Admission is very competitive. Students applying to our Acting for the Camera program will only hear from us if they advance to the callback level. After callbacks, students are generally notified, either way, by email, within two weeks following their callback. Exact notification dates will be given at the end of each callback.


The first callbacks will not begin until July.

Applicants are notified via email if they have been invited to a live callback for consideration.

Check your spam filter for a message from one of our email addresses.  Hotmail, msn and other hosts often send our emails to your spam filter. We recommend you create a gmail address for your application.


Before clicking the Start Application button, please have the following ready to upload:

  1. Statement of Purpose
    The Statement of Purpose is simply a short essay in which we'd like you to tell us a little about yourself and your acting goals. Your Statement of Purpose should be one full page in length, single or double-spaced. Once written, copy and paste the text into the correct field on the application page.
  2. Acting Resume
    Previous credits in theater, film, television and digital content, as well as previous industry-related education and any union affiliations should be included.
  3. Headshot
    Please include your most recent headshot.
  4. A Link to Your Acting Reel
    Students are required to submit a link to an acting reel of their work. PLESE MAKE SURE YOUR LINK WORKS. IF IT DOES NOT, YOUR APPLICATION WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED. Reels should convey range and the applicant's ability to emotionally connect with another actor. PLEASE DO NOT SEND US A MONOLOGUE. Please do not email a reel as an attachment. We will not open it. Instead, please upload it to a public or private youtube, Vimeo or personal web page and include the password information we will need to view it in the proper box on the application page. Applicants can still be considered for the program even if a professional reel cannot be provided. Instead, please send a link to two short scenes with different partners. Again, no monologues. Recording on an iPhone is fine, but please make sure the sound quality is strong. Upload the video to a public or private youtube, Vimeo or personal web page and include the information needed to view it in the proper box on the application page. (International Students - A portion of your reel MUST BE IN ENGLISH to be considered.)

Be sure to sign the Professional Programs Policies on the application page, or your application cannot be considered.



After a successful callback, students may be invited to attend the program. At that point, a deposit payment for the program will be requested.

For tuition deposits and balance payments, we will only accept credit or debit cards.

The balance of the tuition must be paid in full before the program begins.

IMPORTANT: There is no application fee for our programs. If an applicant is not admitted, the applicant will not be charged.


Applicants who would like to withdraw from any of our courses must do so in writing. Students may simply email us at

The refund schedule for the 2020-2021 Professional Program in Acting for the Camera is:

• 100% refund if student withdraws by September 14, 2020

• 80% refund after September 14, 2020, and up to and including first day of second week of classes (October 5, 2020)

• 50% refund after October 5, 2020, and up to and including first day of third week of classes (October 12, 2020)

• 0% refund after October 12, 2020


For the 2020-2021 program, which will take place entirely online, no visa is necessary for international students.


If you have any questions, please send an email to


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