Chanté Bowser – Acting for the Camera

UCLA was such a game-changer for me! While I was fortunate to act in the indie world, I always wanted to formally study acting so that I could take it to the next level but having gone to law school and practicing for a few years, I didn’t think it was feasible to enter UCLA! I finally have technique to go with the talent and am forever grateful to the program for the exposure to amazing decision-makers in the industry as well as the friendships forged. It has been life changing!


Kovid Gupta – Producing

UCLA’s Producing Program was truly eye-opening. With little knowledge of the inner workings of Hollywood, receiving a crash course in content production provided a perfect starting point. A traditional film and television professional, I found the video game production class incredibly interesting; the amount of storytelling and creative development that goes into the medium was fascinating. Hearing from various industry-wide experts gave me a solid glimpse into the daily process of creating path-breaking content. Would recommend this program to everyone interested in breaking into the film business!

Bryan Days – Writing for Television

This program at UCLA has provided invaluable writing experience. Instructors have meticulously guided my work, and by program end, I’ll have a robust portfolio of samples that I strongly believe will jumpstart my career. I couldn’t have done it without my cohorts either. We’ve all helped each other with jokes, structure, and ultimately became friends in the process. As a writer of color, this experience has positioned me with a competitive edge in this current era of peak TV.

Serena Boschi – Screenwriting

Coming from a micro-state, the Republic of San Marino, Europe, it was thrilling for me to be part of such a huge and prestigious institution like UCLA. One of my best memories is walking across campus to go to class. I truly enjoyed my time at UCLA, and tried to live the campus life as much as I could. I think that my program was extremely valid and comprehensive, and left me with knowledge, curiosity, and valuable material for my future career.

Marlena Katharina Baran – Producing

Applying for the Professional Program in Producing was one of the best decisions in my life. To my knowledge there is no existing program like it, providing such firsthand insight into the business of the entertainment industry. Day by day I learned from dedicated and experienced professionals about all aspects of the filmmaking process. I gained deeper knowledge in various fields of producing as well as my personal strengths. Thanks to the program, I am thrilled and confident to take the next steps toward my career goals.

Vidhatri Bandi – Acting for the Camera

As a professional in the Bollywood industry, my exposure to UCLA has been richly rewarding. The art, the technique and the methodology that I experienced in the Acting for the Camera program has widened my horizons in pursuit of improving my skills and performance. While I got the benefit of guidance and handholding by the in-house faulty, the guest lectures have added much to my understanding. Overall, the learning at UCLA TFT has been very productive and I recommend it as a must for every aspirant in the film industry.

Kharisma Cato – Acting for the Camera

I consider the Acting for the Camera program to have been a life changing opportunity for me and ABSOLUTELY recommend that anyone who has the passion for the arts, the willingness to work & the openness to learn, throw their hat in the ring for an opportunity to become a member of the Professional Programs family. It’s an investment with not only an amazing return, but a community of artists it is simply an honor to work and grow with! From South Carolina to California, this small town girl is proof that you can live your big city dreams! Go Bruins!

Tiffany Stubbert – Writing for Television

It was thrilling to participate in UCLA’s Professional Program. Learning from professionals who run their workshops like real writers rooms gave me the confidence to pitch my own content while strengthening my overall writing skills. As a woman new to the industry this felt like the greatest gift of all: that each of the instructors encouraged us to hone what was unique about our own voices. I left each class feeling empowered and ready to continue learning with an ever expanding sense of wonder and curiosity. I feel privileged to be part of such a diverse community of creative minds.

A.W. Tony Scott – Screenwriting, Writing for Television

One of the best academic programs I’ve ever undertaken – professional screenwriting, writing for television, and advanced courses in screenwriting and television writing. Great instructors and talented classmates. An outstanding experience – worth every penny if you are serious about trying to make it as a professional screenwriter for film or television.


Taught by top industry experts and leaders working in the entertainment industry. Learn more about the Professional Programs at the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television.

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